Ecosystem lead for solana in ghana

I am web3 startup founder, with passion for community building and activation. I am interested to grow the Solana network through series of community workshops, meetups and training across Africa, starting from Ghana. I have studies the entire blockchain ecosystem and the only two major foundations that has some sort of African focus is Celo Foundation and Cardano and Binance as an exchange.
I can lead this effort as Solana African Ecosystem Lead and build Ambassadors across the entire Continent from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Egypt and more.
I can do this; I have done it and have the template that will make Solana become very known and attract more users across the continent if giving this opportunity to serve. I am currently building a web3 talent marketplace and i believe this aligned with my vison to empower ten million talents to supper charge web3 adoption and growth.