Error transfer insuficient lamports ox1

Signature=3LBaUd8mwYbgJwhHNqdGrJjhsZU7mj45msE2ZFY45Sfz32M2pABhrNo4aWihnPjy3SWkqDUQs7BKYh5CbaHweHFn This is the transaction that was made of some sols from TW that incidentally marked zero sols towards the binace portfolio that never arrived. The transaction says that it was successful and that the results are finished, however when an inspection and a simulation is done, it marks the following error: System Program Instruction

Transfer: insufficient lamports 229990000, need 8979995000
Program returned error: custom program error: 0x1 . Other blockchains take the fees of the same amount that you send … and here it tells me that because I need a quantity of lamports, the shipment was not deposited … I would like to know if something can be done to recover the sols? thanks in advance.

Hey I’ve got same problem
Does anyone can help me with this

When inspecting and simulating a transaction in the explorer, it will simulate a re-execution of the transaction on the current state of the blockchain. So, it is seeing what would happen if you executed that transaction again. In this case, if you executed that transaction again, you wouldn’t have enough SOL in your wallet for the transaction to succeed, because you already transferred it all out.

The real issue here is that the Solana transaction worked 100% fine, but Binance has not credited the new SOL to your account. This is a common issue I’ve seen with Binance. You have to contact Binance support to get the SOL credited to your Binance account.

I generally recommend against using Binance for Solana because I’ve seen this issue pop up for many users and it seems rather unreliable, though, so far, I think all users have been able to get their money back after contacting Binance support. It can just take up to a week for Binance support to get back to you.

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