Error while doing buy nft

am getting an error when i try to sendandconfirmrawtransaction
‘Program M2mx93ekt1fmXSVkTrUL9xVFHkmME8HTUi5Cyc5aF7K invoke [1]’,
‘Program log: Instruction: ExecuteSale’,
‘Program log: AnchorError caused by account: seller_trade_state. Error Code: AccountNotInitialized. Error Number: 3012. Error Message: The program expected this account to be already initialized.’,
‘Program M2mx93ekt1fmXSVkTrUL9xVFHkmME8HTUi5Cyc5aF7K consumed 11809 of 555170 compute units’,
‘Program M2mx93ekt1fmXSVkTrUL9xVFHkmME8HTUi5Cyc5aF7K failed: custom program error: 0xbc4’

any help is appreciated