Error while running anchor build command

Hi , while I am trying to run anchor build command ,i got this below error, can anyone help me to sort out this issue.

For your info:
OS :windows 11
solanaversion:solana-cli 1.10.31 (src:77a40cd8; feat:4192065167)
rustversion:rustc 1.62.0 (a8314ef7d 2022-06-27)
and I followed below doc for development
How to Create Smart Contracts in Solana and Anchor | by Anmol Dhiman | Better Programming

Error msg:

PS D:\solonacontracts\solana-counter> anchor build
Failed to obtain package metadata: cargo metadata exited with an error: error: failed to load manifest for workspace member \\?\D:\solonacontracts\solana-counter\programs\*

Caused by:
failed to read \\?\D:\solonacontracts\solana-counter\programs\*\Cargo.toml

Caused by:
The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. (os error 123)