Export Solana wallet lists from Ledger


I want export Solana wallet list from Ledger. How can it do?

Like BIP39 tools, but for Solana address.

Hi @Scorpic and welcome to the forum! :wave:

If you connect your ledger to the Phantom wallet, Phantom will give you an option to select a derivation path of m/44'/501'/0'/0' and if you select that it will give you a list of at least 10 solana addresses that can be derived from your ledger.

If that isn’t what you’re looking for let me know!

@zicklag Thank you for your replay!

But i mean, i can get list 100-1к address from Ledger wallet if have mnemonic.

For example, i can get 1К+ address bitcoin if have mnemonic from BIP39 tools. Solana has a standard for generating addresses if there is a mnemonic phrase?

Ah, OK. Here’s a one liner bash script that will get 100 Solana addresses from your ledger. Make sure that you have your ledger plugged in, unlocked, and on the Solana app. You must also have the Solana CLI tools installed.

for i in $(seq 0 99); do solana-keygen pubkey "usb://ledger?key=$i/0"; done

It’s a little slow, but you only have to do it once.

Edit: Oh, and if you have the mnemonic phrase, you can do this, which is much, much faster because it doesn’t need to connect to your ledger:

seed="index chuckle park hungry saddle discover wasp spawn excite grass observe sibling"
for i in $(seq 0 99); do echo $seed | solana-keygen pubkey "prompt://?key=$i/0" 2> /dev/null; done



It doesn’t work or I’m doing it wrong.
Maybe because I’m doing in Windows. (

Ah, yes, that command wouldn’t work in the windows default commandline.

Are you able to run either bash in the windows terminal, or if that doesn’t work, wsl.

If it works it will give you a command prompt like yourusername@yourcomputername $ and then you should be able to paste my code blocks from above into that terminal.

If neither bash nor wsl works you could install git which comes with `bash: