Fancy solana addresses

Hello solaners. I am building my own token. I would like to create a fancy address using the proper command:

$ solana-keygen grind --use-mnemonic --starts-with weT:5 --num-threads 6 --ignore-case --word-count 15

Happily the computer (fridging) gave it to me. It wrote a file with the address as namefile and jason as extension. The output of the mnemonic phrase made me happy a lot. BUT, unfortunately, when I use the phrase to import the addresses in the wallets the addresses are not what are shown in the jason file.
I can use that fancy address only importing the private key stored in the file! But in this way I cannot have the paperwallet, just found, as main account. It works only as secondaru account. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Unfortunately this is a limitation of the solana-keygen grind command.

It would be possible to make a script that does generate seed phrases that would work in your wallet, though, if you are interested I could try that out some time.

OK, I made a script to do this, but it’s really slow, either because I got something seriously wrong ( I don’t think so ) or because it has to spawn a ton of solana-keygen processes, which is not efficient at all, compared to just looping in the same process like solana-keygen grind does.

Anyway, here it is if you want to wait for it. :slight_smile:

Hello. Thanks for your reply. Try to implement the CUDA engine as done by other. I don’t know about it because I heard and then I lost the link. There is somebody that used the CUDA core engines. I have a card to do some other tasks like fractal engines, and I love to use GPUs to speed up the work. Let me know if you can do that. You can be the first and only one that releases thus usefull thing. Thanks.

I will try this script expecially because I want to test if the address in output is a root address or a derived public key. I need derived public keys wid a fancy name. Otherwise we could abandon the project to have a fancy public key. :pensive:


spl-token create <fancy keypair.jason>

It works and it creates the token with fancy account. And when I refresh the devnet on solflare it goes up. Solflare shows the fancy address as token. This is what I want and it doesn’t matter if the entire wallet is not fancy! But this is my own problem. To create a natural and complete asset is different.
I imagine that create a complete asset on solana woulh have the same problem: how create a big asset with a root and public keys as fancy? Is the CLI the right way? Or a coder stuff must be created? Thanks Zik!

Oh, yeah, that will work fine. The only time you have an issue is if you wanted to use it for your own wallet.

What kind of asset are you making?

If it is just a token, then I think you only need one key, not a root and a bunch of other keys. I could be wrong though, I haven’t gotten deep into creating my own token yet.

Yes. It’s just a token.

As far as I’ve seen so far, then, you just need that one address to create your token, and that should be all you need.