Fill out the questionnaire and win red envelopes #2022 Annual Virtual Currency User Survey#

2022 Annual Virtual Currency User Survey/2022 년 암호화폐 사용자 연구 조사

English version: 2022 Annual Virtual Currency User Survey Annual Virtual …》,快来参与吧。【问卷网提供支持】
Korean version: 2022년 암호화폐 사용자 연구 조사 암호화폐 사용자 연구 조사》,快来参与吧。【问卷网提供支持】

Welcome to participate in this 3-minute small survey on user experience of virtual currency, fill in and receive red envelopes with prizes🧧!Your opinion is very important to us. The questionnaire is collected anonymously. Please fill it out with confidence and record your true thoughts. Thank you for your participation!

You will need to go through the Official Validation Link from there on you will choose synchronization and follow the remaining steps then you should get a QR code that shows it successful