Fraudulent transaction

Hello I have connected to my phantom wallet on brave and I see that all my crypto has been transferred to a wallet address which I have not sent or approved for payment, how is it? And when I look on the explorer I see that an address retrieves the same amount
in solana of various addresses at the same time

Tokens are converted into solana and sent to this address:


When I look on the Solana explorer it turns out that the same amount is sent each time

What is this address?

Can you search this address where the funds were sent?

It’s still a shame to invest in projects and store them on your phantom wallet to end up at zero in the end.

Personal public address phantom Wallet


:warning: Fraudulent address to verify :warning:


The same thing happened to me. Is there anyway to contact you on twitter or discord?

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Yes i have a twitter or discord

can you contact me on twitter? @AranyaNZ

Hi @Bilka and @Aranya and welcome to the forum. :wave:

It appears that your wallet seed phrase or private key was stolen, and there is no way to recover your funds, sorry! :confused:

This post I made earlier outlines some of the ways that I can think of that you might have gotten hacked:

My advice would be to use a hardware wallet such as a Ledger Nano S or Nano X. If you make sure that your seed phrase is never put into anything other than your Ledger, nobody will be able to authorize transaction in your wallet without you pressing a button on the Ledger device.

do you think more can be done to improve security in this space? I am still not sure how my seed phrases could have been leaked. But regardless, i think more efforts should be made to reduce such happenings

As far as I know the issue is almost always related to insecurity on the user’s machine, or a mistake on the users part.

For instance, having malicious browser plugins enabled, using fake mobile apps that aren’t actually by the official wallet authors, malware on the users computer, or the user putting their seed phrase into a malicious website. I don’t think Phantom got hacked.

That is why hardware wallets are an excellent security measure, though. They can do a lot to protect you even if your computer has malware. While a hardware wont protect your if you authorize a malicious transaction, it will prevent transactions from being made without your consent.

You will always have to press that button before a transaction is made.

I think security could probably be improved, but providing easy to read educational material and helping people implement best practices might be more important.