Free offers from solona

I have got free 15 solana as a gift.
They asked to enter private key to receive that offer.
I did as per rule …like generate key from
How To Get Trust Wallet Private Key? (EASILY) | Adaas Capital
I generated …and copied to that gift website…things i did…

  1. Phrase copied…
  2. 12 option selected
  3. I tried Ethereum…bsc…then solana
  4. Private key is i picked last column…

Finally it says mnemonic error.

Can someone help me to grap that offer.
Thank you.

Hi @Pmr and welcome to the forum! :wave:

:warning: Don’t give anybody your private key!! :warning:

Anybody who asks for your private key is going to use it to steal all of the funds in your wallet. This is 100% a scam, don’t do anything with them!

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