From Phantom to Binance

I tried to send to my friend’s Binance Solana wallet at and it’s been like 7 days and he has received nothing yet but the money are sent from my wallet . This is his Solana wallet in Binance: 8LA2JARjajZyWoGG9p5YtLR6ygfeD7kg7KwC8uESYYcd
And this is my Phantom wallet:
If i could get some help i’d appreciate it

Hi @Panag2iotis and welcome to the forum! :wave:

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I’ve heard of very many users having the same issue, and it is usually Binance’s fault. Every user I’ve seen so far that has contact Binance support was able to get it resolved, possibly after waiting up to a week for Binance support to get back to them, though.

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