Funds Gone Missing from Phantom Wallet

Hello. I had funds in my Phanotm wallet which have disappeared. I minted two NFT last night and they have not shown up in my store and when i checked this morning all the funds were missing from my wallet. Now i have no NFT and $50 something missing from my wallet…

Any Ideas what happened???

Hi @teira and welcome to the forum. :wave:

I’m sorry you lost your money.

It could very well be that the NFT mint site that you used was a scam. It is a very common strategy for scammers to create a site to mint NFTs that will instead pull all of the funds out of your wallet.

When Phantom asks you to approve a transaction it will run a simulation of the transaction and try to print any balance changes. Do you remember if that showed any deduction of SOL or any other tokens?

Hi @zicklag .

Thanks for the reply.

I built the site using the github repository and by in large it works fine.

So i don’t think the issue was therein.

After some tracking back on the phantom wallet, I found (under their help section) a notice posted that there is no phantom wallet app for android, and to beware of fake android apps turning up in the marketplace.

As it turns out one of those wallets was downloaded onto one of our android and from that action, it seems that is how the theft of funds and NFT already created happened.

Am yet to fully track back through the transactions to see where it all ended up but i do think that both Phantom and Solana need to address the fraudulent wallets and make people better aware of the danger else they run the risk of losing customers to bad experiences associated with their products.

Ah, that makes sense. I’ve heard of fake mobile apps for both Sollet and Solflare, too.

Yeah, I think Phantom, Sollet, and Solflare should specifically mention the fake apps when you first create your wallet. I think this might be one of the most common causes of users losing their funds and then thinking it’s Phantom somehow leaking their funds to hackers.

Solana is very new and I’m hoping that over Phantom and other major players in the ecosystem will improve how well they inform users and make them aware of how things work and what to beware of.