Funds sent to a tokken adress

Hello Solana team, I did a bad manipulation by sending 2.2 SOL at the token address of a project, I wanted to check the token address on FFF and had it copied, so instead of copying my other wallet I sent it to their token accounts please check the following Solscan.

I talked to the project team, and they were very easygoing and wanted to help me, however, as he explained to me, the token address is not a wallet, therefore they won’t receive them.

He then told me this…’’ If you know a way, maybe using the Solana Cli, to get that SOL out of the Token Account I would be glad to help ‘’

So, I don’t really understand what I should do here.

Is there a way someone can help me get it back thank you!


I think you should Just contact solana wallet support for assistance for help , because the helped me resolve my text them on+15202645928 on there whatsap handle

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