Generative NFTs

Hi guys,

New to blockchain coding, I’m a bit lost in the concepts & code examples.
I’d like to develop generative NFTs, allowing royalties on resells. Would appreciate all your help.

My questions:
1# front-end :

  • How can we connect wallets like sollet & phantom ?
  • once we have the public key we should debit the account first ? Or mint then debut the account ?

2# process :

  • Should we generate all NFTs before minting ? Or should we generate NFTs one by one while people mint ? Why?
  • From tutorials that I’ve seen so far, creating an NFT is like creating a token.
    So does these mean that there is no need for a “program”/“smart contract” ?
  • How can we get Royalties ? Does this mean that we should have a program with specific instructions?
  • Best practice to store Metadata: IPFS ?
  • How can we store NFT Metadata? On the token itself ? Or in a parallel linked account ?

3# error handling

  • what sort of errors we should anticipate in such project ?

Again, thank you very much for any help

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Were you able to find answers to this? If not, happy to chat about all of this as I’m trying to understand and do similar things.

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I’ve only recently discovered Solana but have some development experience.

To answer your question in regards to how to connect a Phantom wallet. Assuming you have the Phantom extension already installed in your browser it injects an object called solana inside the window object. So you can connect doing the following:


Also check out their docs too

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