Get free solana

hi everybody how to get solana free, or is there a faucet solana

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Hi @bossnizz and welcome to the forum! :wave:

The only Solana faucet I know of is here:

But that’s only for extremely small amounts of SOL.

Otherwise, you have to earn SOL somehow, like by writing articles for Figment ( see the bottom of the page in that link ).


Hello @bossnizz, I run the faucet that @zicklag mentioned and wanted to let you know that although the faucet is usually for very small amounts of SOL (enough for a couple transaction fees), you can also use the games to earn a bit more through playing some free games or reference the list of third-party faucets to find more faucets for earning Solana (however, these faucets unfortunately all require you to sign up with a faucet microwallet provider and have minimum withdrawal limits, so the faucet I built seems to be the only one without such restrictions). These other pages will allow you to receive a bit more free Solana, but it won’t be a ton.