Global startups are competing in Taxi industry with Uber Clone App

Have you ever questioned what truly goes on in the ridesharing industry? Who is in charge, how and where are they connected? Even though it would seem like everyone is competing for the best ride, the reality is far weirder. I have listed out few app like uber & how they are dominating with Uber globally.


The Middle East, Africa, and Europe are all served by this ridesharing company with its headquarters in Estonia.


The Middle East, North Africa, and several regions of Asia are where Careem mostly operates.


Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and Argentina are the major operating countries for this Spanish ride-sharing company.

The mentioned apps have a similar workflow to Uber and they are a huge hit in specified countries which Uber has failed to prove. The taxi market is rising in European and middle east countries. If you are an entrepreneur consider pitching your taxi project in these regions for a higher success ratio.

This is Charles, on demand app developer from Appticz, Illinois.