Guides and Resources on Mining


This thread is designed to be the home of all things essential to mining on the Solana network.

We see this as a thread that will grow and evolve over time. We welcome any community suggestions for links/resources/information that anyone feels would be beneficial to add.



Getting Started:

  • Guide to setting up a mining node - Coming Soon

Looking to take the “Guide to setting up a mining node” for a spin …where can i find it @dominic

Can’t set up a mining node just yet - we’re just doing some finishing touches and internal testing on it first. But you’re welcome to start spinning up a validator in the meantime.

How do I start the validator?

Hey @modewei you can get started with a validator on Solana via the instructions here:

For any troubleshooting, just us on our #validator-support channel in Discord here.

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