Health-Focused Hackathon

In your opinion,

Should there by a dedicated Health-Focused Hackathon to fastrack Web3 innovation in the Healthcare industry?

I am currently reading FIP Report (Digital Health In Pharmacy Education):

The other document in my reading is the WHO one (Global Strategy on Digital Health):

To that end, I am organising a conference to bring stakeholders from both sides (Web3 and Social Prescribing sector):

I am taking part in the Riptide Hackathon but I feel there should be a dedicated health one by partnering with the WHO, FIP and GSPA.

Any thoughts?

Hi! I’ve not got any insights on blockchain in healthcare or future hackathons, and unfortunately you aren’t likely to get much other people here on the forum who might.

I’m the only person currently active in answering questions on the forum so reaching out here for feed back is sadly not usually effective if don’t have any ideas.

The forum needs more participants, but currently it’s struggling while I do my best to help people that ask questions.

Anyway, maybe Reddit is a better place to reach out and get people’s attention, but I don’t know for sure. Discord seems focused only on development, so that’s probably not a great spot. I’m not sure about Twitter or Telegram, etc.

Thank you for taking the time to respond, I applied to become a Solana Ambassador.

If I get selected, I may be able to get more traction on health-based hackathon :+1:t4::blush:

Was that through the Solana Collective page?

If it was, I did that too! :slight_smile: I was hoping to get admin access here on the forum so that I could moderate and create categories, etc. to help organize the forum.

They never got back to me, though. :confused:

The Solana members seem somewhat elusive. At least here on the forum, I’ve even direct messaged all the forum admins with no response.

We’re ( building at the intersection of web3/personalized nutrition on Solana. Coming out of stealth in the next few weeks and will be a rare consumer focused app in web3. You should connect with Dr. Lav Varshney from our team ( on the future of food, computational creativity, and health. He’d be a great one for your conference.


This is soooooo cool :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

For sure, I will contact him :+1:t4::smiley: