Help it was 2 hours not received my SOL about $13K usd

I send from Phantom in chrome, using USDC but i wrong put my SOL Address,

here is Solscan

this is my SOL address : ATk1G2QM6A18dSF2Bq8vjR3MsTRCkNreEHq3uE7PJf2W .

now 2 hours not received, How to get my balance? my balance was big for me $13k all my life there…

PLEASEEE HELP ME :frowning: :frowning:

ANyone mod, admin, Pleaseeee i need your help…

it say : SPL Token, … what is that…

my mistake when i put my USDC address in phantom said : i need to put SOL Address, then i put my SOL Address, than iam not receive my tokens till now

Hi @gunspistoll2012 and welcome to the forum. :wave:

So carefully can you explain what you sent where?

You were sending USDC from Phantom, but where did you send it to? What address was it that you put when you sent it.

Was it a Metamask address or something? A Binance address?