Help me to hold solana

I am a big fan of solana i think this may take over btc and eth in future
Can u please send me some solana it is my dream to hold it but i have no capital to buy it😓
If you send me i will hold for ever i think it is prestigious to have a portfolio that contain solana.
I know it is very awkward but i am begging can you send me some solana?
Main thing that attract me to solana is its logo it is futuristic and amazing…if you send solana it may change my life i mean i dont want to be rich but i want to hold and show off it to my friends they always joke on me bcz they hold cryptos worth more than 1000usd but i have nothing i am a big zero and feel so much depressed
So please message me i will hold and never sell for profit

With hope
This is my solana wallet id