Help! My Sollet Wallet Hacked

Hi there. I think my sollet wallet was hacked. I dont know how hackers got my secret seed. I had ATLAS, POLIS, USDC, and a small amount of SOL in that wallet, but when I checked today all was gone. Can anybody help me with this issue?

My wallet addres is: HSdwK6zYyNQEAih1fny9GMnnkrYhnawhLNFGhip9uxS2

Is there anyway I can recover my funds?

Have you received airdrops? Like NFT or other tokens. Have you ever opened someone else’s wallet?

I just attended to ATLAS and POLIS airdrop but they did not ask for my secret phrase. I didn’t open anyone else’s wallet.

7 Eyl 2021 Sal 21:05 tarihinde kindboy via Solana <> şunu yazdı:

Some airdrops will steal the assets in your wallet. Even though I don’t know how they did it…

The airdrop was via Apollo-X and was organized by Star Atlas. I didn’t share my secret phrase with them

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Maybe you can first see which address your tokens were transferred to on the blockchain explorer.

The addresses are






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You are a scammer right?

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@Marc_dentea is promoting a fake help forum with fake ticket ID’s.

The best place for support is here, but always DOUBLE check any link

Solana Discord Invite

Remember, there are scammers waiting for you there …

Scammers will seek you out so NEVER reply to a direct message, keep all comments on the forum, nowhere else, okay?

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HI Solana,

my solfare wallet just got hacked. how is this possible. all the transaction i see on the explorer. every second there has been a transfer of 0.000005 SOL …HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE. I just lost all my fund!!!

How can i get my funds back!!!

I have never shared passcode or orher informartion but my wallet adress


Hi @VInne and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Unfortunately, if your funds have been stolen, then there is no way to recover them. I’m very sorry about that.

As for how you’re funds could have been stolen, see this post for a breakdown on all the ways I know of that it could have happened:

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