HELP! Sent SOL to a Token Account Address instead of Wallet Address

Just like the title says, I accidentally sent some Solana to one of my friend’s Token Account instead of the actual wallet… Is there any way he can recover that SOL from the account and to his wallet again?

Made a reply in the other thread. But it’s better to continue here in the new topic:

Hi @zicklag thanks for your reply, to be quite honest don’t really know, it was the Token Account that is linked to an NFT that a friend of mine sent me… I was just paying him back and instead of copying his address I copied the address of the Token Account (I hope I have explained this right :smile: )

If you want I can share the transaction link but i’m not sure how safe that is honestly…

Thanks again for your reply

It’s not dangerous to share a link to a transaction you’ve made, the info is public to anybody anyway. The only things that it “gives away” or reveals is that you, @Sylian on the Solana forum, has a specific Solana account, and that his friend is another Solana account, and then anybody can see any transfers you’ve done.

Again, anybody can see whatever transfers you’ve done anyway, they just wouldn’t know that it’s associated to @Sylian on the Solana forum unless you pasted it here.


If it was the token account for the NFT, then unfortunately the funds are probably lost.

If you want to share the transaction ID I can check that out as soon as I get the chance, but I’m not connected to the Solana network right now ( network nuances on my side ) so it might be a bit before I actually get to checking.

Yep that’s what I was afraid of… Oh well lesson learned I guess. Thanks a lot for your help, it is much appreciated!

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