HELP! Wallet drained of Solana and 7 NFTS! Please help

Is there a way for me to recover my assets? This has never happened to me. Can someone please help me?

Hi Flaco,
I’m sorry to tell you this, but your assets are probably lost forever. But there is the possibility to follow the money and see who has stolen from you. You can send me a dm with your pubkey, maybe I can help you.

Basically, you should always use a hot and a cold wallet to prevent something like this. With the hot wallet you connect to websites, e.g. mint. The hot wallet should only contain as much money as you really need.
The cold wallet then stores all assets such as tokens and NFTs. This wallet should never interact with a smart contract or website, it only receives the assets from the cold wallet and sends them back if you want to sell an NFT, for example.
Ideally you use a hardware wallet for extra security!