Helpplease with recovery access and find solana wallet adress

help me please )! the situation is as follows, I registered a phantom wallet and transferred coins to it, but later I try to access it from the phone from the proposed options, I don’t have my wallet number, unfortunately I don’t have access to the computer, the number and the sido phrase are preserved and I can see it on a solo scan, but specifically it’s not in the app… please help, sorry writing this with traslater

you only need your wallet address to track your transaction on solscan.

I know the wallet number, but it is not among the offered wallets in the phantom application, I drive a seed phrase and after that I don’t see my wallet address, help me))

I can’t find exactly the address of my wallet in the phantom phone application, looking for the suggested options, it’s not there ((if you need any more information, please specify

This is quite confusing, if you can rephrase you can get some help

I’ll use a translator, but I’ll try

I had a phantom wallet installed on my laptop and after it broke, I decided to try using the wallet through the application. After installing the app and entering the passphrase, I can’t see my wallet. which I am trying to access. if it’s not clear, then ask questions, I think it’s a common problem, thanks

Do you have a telegram or Twitter handle,that way i can possibly refer you to their page.

Let’s try , , the bottom line is that there is a phrase, but I don’t see my wallet number in the application