Hight Sol cost when sending my token

I created my own Solana token called MD20M coin (MD). When I created it and started sending it I realized the fee to send any amount was 0.00204 sol and the fee for other tokens that I got sent by other people had a fee of only 0.000005 sol. I do don’t understand why my token is so expensive to send compared to other people’s? Thx or the help in advance!
Solscan link from one of the previous transactions with my token:


Write to Solana livechat support : click here, they will handle this for you immediately.. Goodluck


stop trying to scam solana users
you are not the support here

@ MD20M do not listen to him he is a scam

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I have fixed the problem somehow. And I’m just amazed at how the forums are invaded with scams! I posted this looking for help and overnight got over 7 scams sent to me. It truly proves how bad some people in this world are!

Hi @MD20M and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I’m sorry about your run-in with scammers. :confused: It’s quite difficult to keep under control, and there are no admins active on the forum.

Anyway, the reason the fee was higher is that you have to pay extra SOL to send somebody a token that they have never owned before. Every different token somebody holds in their wallet takes up about 0.00204 SOL to reserve storage space on the blockchain to keep track of the token balance.

When you send somebody a token they’ve never had before, you have to pay that extra SOL so that they can store the balance in their wallet.