How and where to buy ANA?

Nirvana is a descentralized protocolo living on Solana (SOL) network, so the very first step is to have a wallet that is compatible with this blochchain. I suggest to use [Phantom](ht tps:// or [Solflare](ht tps:// Both wallets are available to install on browser or mobile.

Steps 1: Fund your wallet.

Fund your wallet with SOL and any stablecoin like USDC or USDT. SOL will be necessary to pay any transaction fees. Those fees are very cheap and with 0.1 SOL (around 10$ currently) will be enough to cover more than 1000 transactions. The stablecoins will be used to buy ANA on the protocol or the descentralized exchange Raydium. Remember to send the funds via SPL network. Currently, [FTX](h ttp://, [Binance](htt p://, [Huobi](htt p:// and many other centralized exchanges allow withdrawals via SPL for USDC and SOL.

Step 2: Buy ANA on the protocol

Althoug you can buy on Raydium, the liquidity is very limited since every ANA has to be minted in order to be available on the market, and currently above of 90% of ANA is stacked, so there very few ANA tokens available on Raydium. Go to [Nirvana](ht tps://, connect you wallet, and buy any quantity you want.

Step 3: Stake your ANA and get prANA

Finally, since you already have ANA on your wallet, you can let there or get rewards for [staking on the protocol](ht tps:// Currently the APY is above 150% in prANA rewards. prANA tokens allow you to buy ANA at the cheapest price, which is the floor price of the protocol.

Step 4: Get NIRV to buy more ANA (optional)

Once you staked ANA, you cant get NIRV as a loan from the protocol. NIRV is a super stable token, backed by several stablecoins. There only one fee of 3%, and you can get NIRV by locking your ANA in stake. Once you pay your debt, those ANA tokens will be unlocked. So, what to do with those NIRV tokens? Well, you can buy more ANA and repeat from Step 2. Just consider that the amoun of NIRV you can get is based on the floor price of your staked ANA tokens.

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