How can I contact Solana Blockchain support

How can I contact Solana Blockchain support,I had an issue with my solana address on binance,I mistakenly sent wsolana to it, and the address it’self create another Solana address to receive it,since he is not compatible with it(binance Solana address).

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The best place for support is here @Harris234 :

Solana Discord Invite

Good luck


Hello @Harris234. I had the same problem! Please, coordinate together to try to solve our same problem. I will keep you informed whenever I fix it. Thanks and good luck!

Please provide a functional Discord invitation link. None of the invite links that I’ve seen actually work. I’m trying to build great software on Solana, but without meaningful development support, it’s much more difficult than it should be.

All the links display an error like, “Whoops, unable to accept that invitation…”

Hi @JRR and welcome to the forum!

I recommend using the Discord invite link from the Solana community page on the official website:

I’m assuming the problem with the other links is that they were temporary invite links ( not sure, though ), but the one on the website should always work, and you can know that it is 100% legit. ( Not that you shouldn’t trust @Neal on the forum, he’s a great help over here. :slight_smile: )

Yes, of course that was the first link I tried. :slight_smile: Then I searched everywhere for another functional link. But the problem occurs with all the links that are publicly available right now.

Can somebody please provide a working link???

Oh, OK, then that’s strange. :man_shrugging: I hardly use Discord at all, so, I don’t really know.

Hi! Can someone explain how to withdraw SOL from Solana SPL Token Wallet to Metamask or to Binance? Thanks in advance.