How can I freeze MasterEdition NFT Token Account?

Hi, guys!
I wonder how to freeze token account with update authority.
(I don’t have freeze authority. The MasterEdition has freeze authority, I think. I know that only freeze authority can freeze token account, but how can I use master edition account?)
This is my code.

export const freezeAccount = async (nftMintAccount : PublicKey, tokenAccount : PublicKey) => {
  const tokenAccountOwner = loadWalletKey(keyfile_tokenAccountOwner);
  const authority = loadWalletKey(keyfile);
  const token = new Token(solConnection, nftMintAccount, TOKEN_PROGRAM_ID, authority);
  let result = await token.freezeAccount(tokenAccount, tokenAccountOwner, []);
  • authority: nftMintAccount’s update authority keypair
    (nftMintAccount’s mint & freeze authority is MasterEdition now. but how can I use it to freeze account?)
  • tokenAccountOwner: owner of tokenAccount
  • tokenAccount: nftMintAccount’s tokenAccount which is owned by tokenAccountOwner

The result says:

    Program log: Instruction: FreezeAccount
    Program log: Error: owner does not match

but I checked authority and tokenAccountOwner several times.
They were sure. but what’s the matter?
whose owner dismatches?
Please help me.