How can I retrieve my NFT on Solana chain

Hi all, first time to be here and see somebody here can help me, please.
Recently I tried transferring an NFT from Phantom wallet (using Solana chain) to wallet, by copying the address of my Solana wallet on crypto. com directly. And the Phantom shows the transfer is successful. However, I cannot find any NFT or transfer confirmation on crypto. com. Then I studied at the help centre and discovered that existing does not support any NFT deposit which is using the Solana chain. (Don’t know why the Phantom permitted that, maybe it verified that the address is really from the Solana chain.)

But what I find now the transfer is really written on my Solana chain address(Crypto. com). Although they do not support any NFT interface for Solana, any possible way that I can transfer my NFT back to the “Phantom” wallet.

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Hi @drew and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Unfortunately, if doesn’t support transferring the NFT, there’s no way to get it back unless they end up supporting it later or if they provide some way to export your private key, so that you can import your assets straight into Phantom.

Either way, you’d have to contact support, as they’re the only ones with the access to that wallet to transfer the token back.

Most exchanges aren’t very helpful when things like this happen, unfortunately, but good luck!

@drew Talk to Solana Dev on the Live support page so that your issue can be looked into.

Please do not follow any links to live support pages. They are scams.

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@drew i got my issue solved from their live support.