How can I verify my Solana Program?

Hi. Guys!
Is there any way to verify my Solana program as on Ethereum?
And also where can I find verified Solana program source code?
Please help me by answering my question.
Best wishes.

There currently isn’t a standardized way to verify the source for Solana contracts, but there is an effort to make sure that it can be done.

You can see the discussion about this topic on GitHub:

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Hey, @zicklag,
Then, Is Solana program secure?
I know that and some other marketplaces have got their own Solana program - not spl and metaplex standard.
But why didn’t they publish the source code?
Blockchain world is transparent but in that case, how do people upload NFTs to their non-transparent platforms?

If a project publishes their source code and provides a way to verify the program using a reproducible Docker build or something, then you can audit their code, but if they don’t, then you just have to trust that the program does what they say it does.

That’s a good question. Maybe they just expect you to trust them. That wouldn’t be much different than when you trust GMail or GitHub or some other platform that you can’t control.

It’s not as nice as being able to verify their source, though. Essentially you are betting on their reputation.

But with the way that companies today like Zoom can get hacked and exposed as lying to the public, yet people still use them, isn’t a comforting prospect. I prefer decentralized and Open Source. :slight_smile:

Hey, @zicklag
Sorry, there is nothing important in your answer.
I want to know the exact answer.

Yes, but it is up to you to validate the programs that you use are what they say they are, and it is up to the author of the program to publish the info you need to do the validation.

You would have to ask Solanart.

I just discovered that the anchor project has a verifiable build system. They seem to host builds of many projects here:

And there is more documentation on it here:

@zicklag, Thank you.
I’ve already seen it. Now I am good at Anchor and RUST.
Happy New Year to you and your family!

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