How can my Binance SOL address hold this mistakenly transferred USDT

I transfered USDT from Sollet wallet to my Binance SOL address - by mistake of course.

The USDT can be seen here: Explorer | Solana

I am the owner as stated - showing my SOL Binance address: JA1mwaWjCvDwHG1VTLsRzPxuoz5AtrBfKYkVi62DPGGM

And there seems to be a sub account that is holding the USDT: D4pqj2gbw2tnNF8PLJThrUHZGE9Fmaacqmqc3uhVDMvJ

I am getting a run around from Binance. Does anyone know how this sub account is created within the SOL binance account or how to instruct Binance to retrieve the USDT? Thanks!!

Binance says the address on this record isn’t mine - but it clearly says it is owned by my address. What is this address?