How do I store additional data on an NFT Token account?

I’m looking at the NFT token creation Token Program | Solana Program Library Docs

Generally, when creating an NFT, there should be extra metadata that indicates what the NFT is for (e.g. image blob or a URL).

I wonder what the best way to attach extra data to an NFT Token account.

Thank you!

Hi @t4n1n, the standard for NFT metadata in Solana today is Metaplex. This is the standard supported in popular Solana wallets such as Phantom, etc.

Definitely take a look at that if you want to make NFTs on Solana.

@zicklag I really appreciate this pointer. I’ve read it up and wanted to leave a summary here:

At a high level, Metaplex creates another account to represent the NFT metadata. The account address is the derived key from program ID and mint ID.

This means, if we have the NFT token, we can look up its mint ID, construct the derived key accordingly, and retrieve the metadata account.

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