How long can transactions go unrecorded before a problem occurs?

Taken from the Solana website.

Does the bold portion mean that transactions can come in years after they occurred and there wouldn’t be problems?

“Solana takes a very different approach, which it calls Proof of History or PoH. Leader nodes “timestamp” blocks with cryptographic proofs that some duration of time has passed since the last proof. All data hashed into the proof most certainly have occurred before the proof was generated. The node then shares the new block with validator nodes, which are able to verify those proofs. The blocks can arrive at validators in any order or even could be replayed years later. With such reliable synchronization guarantees, Solana is able to break blocks into smaller batches of transactions called entries. Entries are streamed to validators in realtime, before any notion of block consensus.”

Thanks. New to learning about Solana and this seemed like the place to go.

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This is just my guess, but I think that’s right.

I think they mean to say that there aren’t any requirements for a synchronization of when things happen. Because the order that things happen in are proven, it doesn’t matter how vastly out-of-sync the timing of the received network packets are.

But I’m no expert. Everything I know was pretty much from those docs, too. :wink:

A day is enough for a transfer to go through, maybe have more patience

I am not worried about patience, I am wondering about an use case and if Solana would work with it. For the use case, Solana may need to be very patient on receiving data that could be held for periods of up to 6 months or a year possibly.

Why not write to solana wallet directly on telegram on @solanawallet01 so the can help you retify your issue because the helped me resolve mine .

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