How many hours would I have to dedicate being a validator to see some sort of ROI using the Solana Sever Program

Dear Solana Community,
I am very excited to start participating in the program as a Validator using this platform to and make some virtual currency back having a leased server in place helping to keep the trust of the solana system in place with its awesome validation system.

Could someone in this community kindly hit me back in the comments of this thread giving me some sort of an idea on how much time one would be expected to have to perform on these leased servers after the private and public keys are already locked to be a part of the Solana Validation process for ongoing transactions of others.

As an example would I be expected to consistently be on the server and coping and pasting code or will the server run on crush control and only have to check in on them periodically? Also could someone here give me a real life example of how being a validator and running a leased server in the solana server pool to see how much is being spend on a monthly basis / how much with the 5%-10% currency returns could justify the expense. 

I am currently unemployed however I have access to the internet consistently. Therefore is this a good fit while I am on the job hunt to bring in some virtual coin as Solana is predicted to being doing well in the near future as It already has.

Robert Orr - The Locksmith

Hi @locksmith and welcome to the forum!

I haven’t run a validator myself, so I can’t give any first-hand information, but the best summary I’ve seen of the potential cost and requirements for making back on your investment is this comment ( be sure to click to expand or follow the link ):

As far as the need to be on the server, as long as your server stays up and nothing goes wrong, I don’t think you need to be on the server doing anything such as pasting code, etc. As long as the network, memory, and disk requirements are met, the Solana validator program should automate all of the tasks necessary, as far as I understand.

Be sure to look into the documentation on running a validator. Running a validator can require quite a lot of hardware ( 128GB recommended RAM, extreme disk usage, etc. ). It may be an easier way to get started earning some Solana by just buying some SOL and staking it in existing validators or validator pools.

By staking your tokens in a validator, you get a portion of the profit that the validator makes, without having to run your own validator, which is much easier. The potential for profit is much lower, though.