How much cost to mint?

Hi to all. I’m new with all this crypto staff and i read about solana and his benefits.

I have a question that cant find on docs.

If I created a project with a new token, how much would it cost ($) to mint, for example 100M of this new token? Would the cost be linear if I mint 1000M?

Can someone tell me where can i find about this matters?

Thank you, and thanks to solana for this great project.

The price that you pay to mint tokens would be the price it cost to make the Solana transactions. From the main website we see that the average transaction cost is $0.00025.

From the SPL Token Program Docs it looks like it takes three transactions to create a new token, initialize the mint account, and then mint some tokens. Any number of tokens can be minted in a single transaction, so it makes no difference if you want to mint 1 token or 1000M tokens.

So, to the best of my knowlege, I think you should be able to do all of that for only $0.00075!

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