How much does it cost to create a BEP20 token?

In the world of blockchain, everyone knows about crypto tokens which are widely used for business, raising funds, payments, and trading. Generally, crypto tokens are developed by implementing smart contracts on prominent blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Binance smart chain, and Tron. Out of these, Binance smart chain is one of the trending ones in the marketplace.

By using Binance smart chain, you can create BEP20 Tokens which are on the hype now. BEP20 is the token standard on BSC. It is an update of BEP2 tokens.

Cost to create BEP20 Token

If you have an idea to start a BEP20 token business, the primary thing that strikes your mind is the BEP20 token creation cost since it plays a vital role in developing BEP20 tokens on BSC. There are some of the essential factors which decide the BEP20 token development cost. They are

  • Business type
  • Number of BEP20 tokens
  • Features of BEP20 token
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • The complexity of the BEP20 token project
  • Design of BEP20 token
  • Size of the token development team
  • BEP20 token creation and testing
  • Distribution of tokens

These are the most important factors which will decide the BEP20 token development cost. But the exact cost of creating BEP20 tokens on BSC cannot be estimated. Yet, the cost to develop the BEP20 token can approximately range from $5.5k to $7k along with the token wallet mobile app for both IOS and Android. However, BEP20 token creation cost will vary as per your business ideas.

After knowing about the cost of creating BEP20 tokens, you will have a question in mind “who will provide the cost-efficient BEP20 tokens?” There are many token development companies in the crypto space. There are different things you need to consider to picking a BEP20 token development company such as portfolio, ratings, quality of tokens, years of experience, and more.

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