How to build a verifier

I need to build a verifier, but I’m a novice

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Running a Solana validator is no small task. Not only do you have to be skilled at systems administration, and have good hardware in a data center somewhere, but there’s a level of marketing that needs to be done, as you have to get many people to stake a lot of money in your validator before it makes any money.

Additionally, it cost hundreds of dollars per day to actually run the validator, which means you are losing a lot of money if you don’t get enough people to stake in your validator to make it profitable.

In short, I don’t recommend running a validator if you are new to this. There is a lot of money that needs to go into it, and quite a bit of risk. Running a Solana validator is not a simple as mining. You are responsible for keeping your server running well 24 hours a day and addressing any problems that might come up.

If you still want to run a validator, this post gives a great overview, and feel free to ask if you have more questions!

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Is there a detailed verifier deployment tutorial?Better be ubuntu

Here’s the official docs on the subject:

They are pretty detailed.