How to convert SOL to wrapped SOL token(wSOL)?

I need some wSOL tokens, but none of exchanges provide them except SOL coin. Is there a way to convert SOL to wSOL? It seems that converting wSOL to SOL is easy, with a ‘unwrap’ button clicking in Phantom if certain wSOL amount in wallet, but there is no way to convert vice versa. I am a novice at crypto world. Thanks for help!

Hi @AirDrop and welcome to the forum!

You can convert SOL to wSOL through the commandline, but I’m assuming you’re using Phantom wallet or something similar, so that won’t be very convenient.

Why do you need wSOL, specifically? Pretty much every app that takes wSOL will automatically wrap it for you automatically.

Also, beware of scammers on the forum who will try to steal your funds by posing as support in private messages!

Thanks for your reply. I need wSOL for studying purposes. After doing a search, I found ‘spl-token’ command may help. Following the Solana CLI tutorial, running ‘solana-keygen recover ‘prompt:?key=0/0’ --outfile ~/.config/solana/id.json’ command, prompting for my seed phrase and secret recovery phrase generated in Phantom, it went well. However, it returned an error(Dynamic program error: no device found) when running ‘solana balance’ command.
How to add devices by solana commandline? Hope for your help. Thanks!

I solved it after setting keypair path, thanks!

Sorry, I sent SOL to wSOL token address by mistake. The SOL amount in wallet has deducted, but wSOL amount in another wallet is still not changed. What should I do?

Another question is, when I sent wSOL token to Phantom wallet, it was recognized as unknown token rather than wrapped SOL token. I used ‘spl-token wrap 100’ command to create 100 so-called wSOL token.

You should be able to use spl-token sync-native to convert the SOL that you sent to the wSOL address to wSOL.

Are you doing this on the testnet? It might be that Phantom won’t recognize testnet wSOL or something like that, but I’m not sure.