How to create a cryptocurrency exchange like binance, coinbase and localbitcoins?

10 simple steps to start a cryptocurrency exchange efficiently

  1. Do market research and arrive at a unique crypto exchange business strategy.
  2. Determine the operational region. Not all countries approve of cryptocurrencies.
  3. Choosing the type of crypto exchange helps you sketch your unique crypto business strategy.
  4. Design matters. It is how you attract crypto traders in the most effective way.
  5. Hire a legal team of counselors to avoid legal penalties.
  6. Identify the best cryptocurrency exchange script and the respective provider. It will help you manage the business and technical parts simultaneously.
  7. Partner up with a leading payment processor. Increases credibility among your crypto traders.
  8. Ensure to have strong security features in your crypto exchange.
  9. Do beta testing to eliminate any potential bugs while deployment.
  10. Have a customer support channel to help your crypto traders.

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