How to create a custom token on solana platform?

Need proper guidance to create a custom fungible token and want to implement Buy and Sell functionality and want to deduct tax from buyer account.
How to divide Divide total supply in to four wallets?
how user can buy &sell this token after deploy on mainnet?
How to register to on solana token list?
ow to test Buy &sell functionalities on devnet enviroment by typecript code(Web3.js)
How to deploy our token on market?

Check your Dm , we sent a message

@S0LANA why you need my wallet barcode and details , which wallet i m using . to help me in this

That is the new compulsory way to help now

sorry i will not provide you any my details , this is technical forum , people come here for their technical problems , and need guidance to move further on solana .

this should be free to get guidance

It’s free and we’re guiding you through it but you won’t listen