How to create ERC20 Tokens and how much does it cost?

Currently, the Ethereum blockchain is preferred by most entrepreneurs and startups because of its top-notch smart contract functionalities. Ethereum has various token standards but among them, ERC20 is considered the prominent token standard in the industry. It is used for various purposes like business, trading, crypto fundraising, and more.

Now, crypto fundraising is gaining huge attention among crypto preneurs because it helped them to raise funds quickly and effectively in a successful manner. ICO and IEO are the best crowdfunding strategies for raising funds by launching ERC20 tokens.

ERC20 is the technical standard that helps to create fungible crypto tokens on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Some valuable reasons for creating an ERC20 token are listed below,

  • You can create ERC20 token at an low cost as per your business needs
  • ERC20 tokens can be instantly deployed without any hassle
  • Secured smart contracts
  • Faster transactions
  • Easy handle and secure transactions

How to create ERC20 Tokens?

Basically, there are two ways to create ERC20 tokens. Firstly, if you are well versed in programming and specialized in blockchain coding, then you can create by yourself. It is risky because even a simple mistake would make the entire process collapse.

Secondly, you can connect with the professional ERC20 token development company which has skilled and experienced blockchain developers. So that you can list your business requirements and create your ERC20 tokens quickly without any risk.

Cost to create ERC20 Tokens for business

The startups will have this kind of question on their mind - How much will it cost to create ERC20 Tokens? There are some factors that determine the cost of creating ERC20 Tokens. Such as…

  • Features of the Token

  • Design of the Token

  • Complexity of Token

  • Number of Token

  • ERC20 Token Development and testing

  • Distribution

We cannot predict the exact value of creating an ERC20 Token but approximately the cost of creating an ERC20 token may range from $5K to $8K along with the crypto token wallet mobile app. However, the development cost may vary as per your business needs.

Therefore, if you wish to create ERC20 Token, you can reach out to the Best ERC20 token development company which offers you the Top-notch ERC20 token development service.

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