How to create exchange "app" to sell you own SOLANA Coin?

Hello guys/gals, here’s a rather big question for the tech wizards out there. I’m envisioning selling a crypto currency (my own coin made using the SOLANA platform) on an exchange app on a website (ex:… The question is, how can I go about doing this? There are no tutorials out there, only one for Ethereum. As far as I know, I’ll be the first to embark on this journey. (In detail: to make the coin available to be sold on my website using PayPal and even other coins like Doge, SOL, in exchange.) Thank you all in advance.

Hi @us3rname,

I’ve run into a couple other users who have wanted to do this, but unfortunately there aren’t any ready-made solutions that I know of.

The conclusion we came to was that it would probably quite simple to implement a smart contract that would do it, but you would probably still want to get a security audit before using it if you made your own.

The “it’s probably easy” conclusion, though would only be if you wanted to sell your token for other tokens that were already on Solana. It would get more complicated if you wanted to be able to buy with PayPal or other tokens that haven’t been bridged to Solana.

I haven’t investigated what a PayPal solution would look like