How to decompile a transaction?

How to decompile a Solana transaction? It could be a random one, found at solscan.

Is there a foolproof way?
If not, what are other options?

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What do you mean decompile a transaction?

Do you mean inspect the data of the transaction, or actually decompile the smart contract that processes the transaction?

I’d like to know how to inspect the data of the transaction, from looking at the base64 string. How would I do this?

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Hi @usernameusername and welcome to the forum! :wave:

If you are on Linux you can convert the base64 data to a binary file like this:

echo "[your base64 string]" | base64 -d > /tmp/file.bin

And then you can view the raw bytes using any kind of hexdump tool such as GHex or the hexdump command:

hexdump /tmp/file.bin

This will let you see all the data, but it won’t necessarily tell you what it means. Understanding the data means you have to know the exact format it is in and how it is used by the smart contract, which means reading and understanding the smart contract code most of the time.