How to get network status via API?

Hi there, I am trying to write a small script to check the Solana status page every hour or so.

I can hit it here:

I tried looking at the Atlassian Statuspage docs but it looks like I need an API key to do anything, when all I really want to find out is if Solana is currently up. I tried various endpoints under /v1/ but it always redirects me back to the status page.

I refuse to believe that there isn’t a REST endpoint with JSON output that has a simple result “status: OK” or whatever, but alas I can’t find it right now. My only course of action right now is to scrape the HTML and dig out the status.

Does anyone know if this network status information is exposed somewhere as JSON without authentication required? It seems a bit excessive to authenticate a request for information that is readily available in HTML form. Maybe this is more of an Atlassian issue however…

OK no response and I can’t find anything on the API, so I guess I’ll have to screen-scrape. Oh well.