How to launch a cryptocurrency payment gateway and how much does it cost?

In this fast-growing era of crypto assets, most global countries have legalized cryptocurrencies and made business to get huge profits. Many Entrepreneurs and startups are ready to invest their money in the crypto business.

If you are an entrepreneur (or) startup looking to generate revenue from the crypto business then you can launch your own crypto payment gateway platform. Because it takes your crypto business to the next level and attracts many worldwide users.

What is a cryptocurrency payment gateway?

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway is the payment network that is used to allow transactions for all digital currencies. It accelerates the speed of the transactions and then makes it easier and faster with the help of high-end technology. Crypto payment gateway accepts all types of digitized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Etherium, and other cryptocurrencies in the Crypto market. Also, Crypto Payment Gateway allows you to make instant transactions of fiat to cryptocurrencies.

Most businesses utilize the Cryptocurrency payment gateway because it facilitates reliable, faster, smoother, and effective crypto payment transactions that remain at top precedence.

How to develop a cryptocurrency payment gateway?

Generally, crypto payment gateway can be developed in two methodologies they are,

  • Development from scratch
  • Development using white label software

Development using scratch: This method is to develop a crypto payment gateway by yourself with the help of updated blockchain codes. It is only possible when you are updated in the latest coding technology and an expert in using a blockchain network. But it contains some risk factors that you need to face when you develop by yourself. Because you make any mistake in the coding part, it reflects a negative impact on the entire crypto payment gateway development process.

Development using white-label software: This method is to develop a crypto payment gateway using white label software. You can instantly develop your own crypto payment gateway platform with customized features and inbuilt security aspects.

Then you can hire a team of well-experienced blockchain developers from the leading cryptocurrency payment gateway development service in the crypto market. As a crypto enthusiast, I suggest you hire a well-experienced developer rather than develop by yourself.

Cost to develop crypto payment gateway

Generally, the cost of a crypto payment gateway includes some factors like trading features, the complexity of the platform, location and size, inbuilt security aspects, etc.

If you are Developing your crypto payment gateway using white label software it can range from $8k-$12k. But it is not an actual cost of crypto payment gateway development because it varies depending upon your business requirements.

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