How to print Edition with MasterEdition

Hi. Guys!
I am a blockchain developer who has started changing focus from Ethereum to Solana.
I am going to print Editions with MasterEditionV2 NFT programmatically.
Could I print by using web3?
And also could I print them on-chain?
Please kindly help me.

I haven’t heard of MasterEditionV2, but all the interactions you will need to make with the Solana blockchain can be done through the solana-web3.js library, or though the JSON RPC API.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean? Could you explain that more?

Hi @zicklag,
Please read this.

You can be aware of Solana NFTs and MasterEdition.

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Cool, thanks, I’ll read up when I get chance. :slight_smile:

Whoops, forgot about this post and just found it in my bookmarks.

Yes, but you will have to understand the exact inputs that the Metaplex smart contract requires.

For more info about what kind of inputs go into a smart contract transaction see here: How do I interract with someelses's public program on Solana? - #4 by zicklag

There is a MetaplexJS library that should make that much easier, but it doesn’t look like the have functionality to print editions yet.

Do you mean, “can another smart contract print editions?”.

That’s also possible, you just have to understand the contract inputs, the same as you would have to if you were using web3.js. And you would have to create the transaction in your Rust/C smart contract.