How to send from phantom to binance

I’m trying to send sol from phantom to binance. After i put in all the details and have pressed send it says in the transactions “waiting for confirmation”. Which I waited but it doesn’t go through. Then if I get out of the phantom window it says there’s no sending transaction in recent activity. Since phantom isn’t linked to email or phone number, how do I confirm the send?

EDIT: It worked

Hi @kaden and welcome to the forum! :wave:

You can check for transaction statuses by pasting your public wallet address into Solscan:

It will show you recent successful or failed transactions here:

If you don’t see any transaction for your sent SOL in the list, then that means that the transaction didn’t even get through to the Solana network and you should try again. You should also be able to see that the SOL you tried to send is still in your wallet.

:information_source: Note: I have heard many users who have problems with Binance not taking their SOL deposits, specifically the first one that they have ever made to a Binance address. Many times users have to contact Binance support and wait up to a week before Binance will credit the SOL to their Binance account.

Due to the frequency of issues I have heard about users having with Binance and Solana specifically I would recommend using a different exchange than Binance, if possible, for Solana.

If you still want to send your SOL to Binance I recommend sending something small like $1 worth of SOL to Binance first as a test to make sure it works, before sending the rest.