How to Transfer SOL Back From a Token Account

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In Solana, all the tokens you own are stored in a token account associated to your main wallet. This means that you don’t need to transfer the tokens from that token account. If the token account is owned by your wallet, then that is how it should be.

You should be able to see the tokens in that token account as belonging to your main wallet in wallet apps such as Phantom or Solflare.


Right, okay thank you.

So it will just pull the SOL from the token account if i make a transaction from the main account that holds the token accoount? gotcha.

thanks very much.

Oh, I forgot about the WSOL ( wrapped SOL ) token account. That one is a little bit special. If you have SOL in a token account, you have to unwrap it to get it back into your main balance.

There are a couple tools that will unwrap your WSOL to normal SOL. You can either use this tool, which has an unwrap sol feature:

And otherwise I think this app will also show a popup saying that you have wrapped SOL that you can unwrap above the swap interface, if you have any wrapped SOL in your wallet:

Hey there!

I wonder if you could help me too regarding transferring SOL back from a Token Account to the main wallet… I accidentally sent some Solana to one of my friend’s Token Account instead of the actual wallet… Is there any way he can recover that SOL from the account and to his wallet again?

Thanks for your time!

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Hi @Sylian and welcome to the forum! :wave:

What kind of token account did you send the SOL to? Did you send it to a WSOL token account? If you sent native SOL to a WSOL token account, then you can get it back.

But if you sent it to a different token account, then unfortunately it’s stuck and can’t be retrieved.