How to unrevoke an app on phantom settings

I have recently been exploring solana defi and have stumbled across an issue I can’t seem to find any information on. in section ‘trusted apps’ it lists those apps you can choose to auto approve. I briefly went into ‘port finance’ connected wallet, came out and didn’t think would ever use again and later revoked permissions, I later went into Port finance and came to realise I liked the app although I had revoked the app previous, I was still able to connect wallet, I put some funds into it and getting in was fine at first. I just assumed by me reconnecting manually it would have unrevoked the app and everything was fine. After successfully connecting several times the app then started failing to fetch account details and connection was not possible.

I believe this is happening due to me revoking permissions to connect to my phantom wallet at after connecting my wallet the first time.

How do I ‘unrevoke’ the app? and add it back to trusted apps? It’s all very well having to the option to revoke for security but how is one meant to add the app back in trusted apps if they want to use at later date or have funds on there? This is also a lending app so I am keen to access it for risk reasons as I don’t want to be liquidated.

Can anyone shed any light on how to un-revoke?
And by doing so will I still be able to access my original account that has my funds in it?

Your help would be much appreciated on this issue

Kind Regards


From my local testing it looks like re-connecting to the app is enough to un-revoke the app with no extra work.

For instance, I have an app hosted on localhost that I have connected to with my Phantom wallet, and then later revoked. But after re-connecting, I see it back in the list of trusted apps and everything seems fine:


I believe this is totally un-related to your previously revoking the app. You may want to check whether or not you can successfully connect to other apps.

Another possibility is that the app is malicious and intentionally trying to steal your funds. I would look for 3rd party reviews of the app and see if you can find anything good or bad on them to see if they might be malicious.

Appreciate the reply. Yes its showing wallet connecting in green but failing to fetch accounts. And yes it’s in the 'allowed accounts. I will dig deeper. Only a couple of hundred dollars but I actually want to use the utility so I will need to investigate further. it has 247 million locked in avl and growing so clearly it’s working for some people. Thanks again.

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