How to write Smart contract in Cpp?

Need guidance to write the smart contract in CPP for, balance transfer, token balance transfer, tokenomics, staking token, etc.

Hey, bro. Why Cpp? Do RUST/Anchor

i am only familiar with CPP so what to write in it , i need help to start developing.

The official docs have a page here that give instructions for getting started with C and C++:

It may be more work to integrate with other people’s Solana programs if you are using C++, because most Solana contracts are written in Rust, but if you don’t need your program to talk to other people’s programs, then there’s nothing to be concerned about.

I will warn that Solana doesn’t have a lot of guides or documentation for beginners getting started writing smart contracts, and there are even less with C and C++, so you might have to do a bit of your own research and be ready to figure some things out yourself, or maybe get on the Solana developer Discord to ask questions.

I answer a lot of questions here on the forum, but some specifics around Solana development I don’t have the time to test out, and I don’t write C and C++, so my ability to help might be more limited.

thankyou zicklag

i need deep knowledge and correct guidance for the same .

if any have it please share