I accidently sent SOL to my file system wallet

Hello everyone,

I was sending SOL from one of my wallets to another but I accidently sent SOL to file system wallet which I used to create token via CLI with .json extention . Now I cant send that SOL to nowhere basicly I cant use that SOL . Any help ? If I can rescue that SOL I ll share a bit with you .


Are you able to access that wallet via:

solana config set -k yourwallet.json

And do a solana balance

If that works you should be able to transfer back your funds.

thank you for reply .
But unfortunately didnt work

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Have you tried adding --allow-unfunded-recipient right before --fee-payer ?

Didnt work ser i tried :frowning:

Do you have another wallet that can find the transaction? This isn’t a pda account is it?

I have transaction . but whats pda account ?

Have you tried to do it without specifying a fee payer, after you did the solana config set?

In powershell, try running this command to tell the CLI to output debug logs, and then running the transfer command again:

$env:RUST_LOG = 'debug'

You have to run the transfer command in the same powershell terminal that you ran the $env: command.

Just copy and paste the transfer command from the cmd window and paste it into powershell.

Sorry I was trying to ask if you have another wallet to fund the transfer

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Bummer, that doesn’t help us any more than earlier. This is confusing

Do you have the private key for that wallet? You have to use a .json file to fund

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I am trying to fund transaction from my another wallet but this time it says 'Error: Dynamic program error: missing signature for supplied pubkey: ’

Yeah, like @Emery said, you have to have a .json key for the other account you are trying to use to fund the transaction.

So if that other wallet is a Phantom wallet you have to export the key from Phantom, and convert it to JSON. The other wallet was made in Sollet, Sollet will just export a JSON for you that you can put into a file.

yes i do have private key but not sure how to use a .json file to fund